The nation of your dreams

Thrill Republica is a digital country built around sports cars in which all citizens are united under a single belief - 'Live and Drive to Thrill Decoded, Thrill Republica is a private community of people sharing the passion for sports cars - a place where individuals can belong and connect.

Thrill Republica Citizens

Thrill Republica is a different community. Not anybody can join. It's a mixture of invitation and challenge. In order to be part of Thrill Republica, each individual must become an official citizen by getting a Thrill Republica Passport. We are striving for the FREE, FAST, BOLD, LOYAL, PROUD, UNITED, GLOBAL, STRONG & THRILLING humans out there.

The Passport offers access to private collections in store, special status in the community & access to private events.

Digital Republica PassportPremium Republica Passport

Thrill Republica Ambassadors

Thrill Republica need leaders to inspire all of us.They are known as Thrill Ambassadors. To choose them, we host an election between two hand picked candidates that people can vote on @wearethrill IG Story. Votes are open for 24h. In order to participate in a duel, each candidate must own an unique custom car. Stock is not an option. 100 participants50 elections25 finalists10 ambassadors

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Thrill Republica Collection

Thrill Ambassadors cars will be featured in a limited edition 1/11 deck collection. Each one will be embedded with a metal plaque engraved with production number. Thrill Republica Collection will be available for purchase later this year.


Thrill Republica Collection will be available for purchase later this year.


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